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Santenay (Photo by Antje Günther)

Anechoic Transmissions presents ensemble Santenay, playing a selection of medieval pieces on period instruments.

Ensemble Santenay are:
Julla Schmidt (voice)
Elodie Wiemer (flutes)
Szilard Chereji (fiddles and organetto)
Ori Harmelin (lutes)

On this recording:

  • Borlet (Trebol) – He, Tres doulz Roussignol Joly (Virelai a 4)
  • Guillaume de Machault (c. 1300-1377) – Foy Porter (Virelai a 1)
  • Anon – Indescort (Instrumental)
  • Solage (fl. 1370-1390) – Helas! Je voy mon cuer a fin venir (Ballade a 4)
  • Niccolo Da Perugia (fl. 2nd half 14th century) – Cogliendo per un parto‚??gni fior bianco (Madrigale a 2)
  • Niccolo Da Perugia – O sommo specchio (Madrigale a 3)
  • Niccolo Da Perugia – La fiera Testa (Madrigale a 3)
  • Jacob de Senleches (Jacopinus Selesses) (fl. 1378-1395) – En ce gracieux tamps joly (Virelai a 3)
  • Guillaume de Machault – Mors sui (Virelai a 2)
  • Anon – Adyen matres belle [Adieu mes tres belles amours] (Instrumental)
  • Gilles Binchois (c. 1400-1460) – Je loe amours et ma dame mercye (Ballade a 3)
  • Gilles Binchois – Tristre Plaisir et douleureuse joie (Rondeau a 3)
  • Guillaume Dufay (c. 1400-1474) – Se le face ay pale (Chanson a 3)
  • Guillaume Dufay – Belle que vous ay mesfait (Rondeau a 3)
  • Gilles Binchois – Filles a marier/ne vous mariez ja (Chanson a 4)

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Anechoic Special - Santenay Live - on Radio Halas (streaming)

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