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Sankorfa – In Between Instruments

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Sankorfa (taken from the video of 7 Minutes)

In March 2009 Sankorfa released their first album, In between Instruments. The album presents Sankorfa’s distinctive sound, which has been forged through the collaborative composition and improvisation of the four unique musicians. Compositions by Sankorfa are constantly evolving and new compositions are regularly premiered by the ensemble. These compositions constitute the majority of the repertoire that Sankorfa performs in club venues.

In Between Instruments was Recorded and Mixed by Alastair Kinross and Tommy Ashby, December 2008-January 2009. Produced by Alastair Kinross, Tommy Ashby & Sankorfa.

All music composerd arranged and performed by Sankorfa, but Great Ocean Roads composed by Steve Falk with additional material composed by Sankorfa.

Sankorfa Are:
Michael Allen | Zands Duggan | Ruth Gomez | Scott Wilson

Track Names:

  • Enough Already
  • Inside The Oyster
  • Great Ocean Road
  • Kloshing
  • Trouble So Hard
  • A OK

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