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Lucy Railton presents Kammer Klang (Part 2)

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Second part of a live recording from the ICA's Notation and Interpretation Festival, Feb. 16-20, 2011, curated by Lucy Railton, founder of the London contemporary music series, Kammer Klang.

Lucy Railton - Cello
Leo Chadburn - Recorder
Zac Gvi - Accordion (loop pedal and tape cassette for Earle Brown)
Kerry Yong - Accordion (Casio Organ for Cage)
Benedict Taylor - Viola

Recorded live: Friday, Feb. 18th, 2011

On this Recording:

  • John Cage – Five(one). Cage's 1988 Number Piece directs five musicians to generate given pitches within given time brackets. The instrumentation is open and the piece lasts for exactly 5 minutes. A clock must be used to co-ordinate the ensemble. Timbre, most durations and orchestration is left the performers.
  • Cover Me Cage – new electronic arrangements of selected works by John Cage originally written for prepared piano and performed here by Kerry Yong.

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Anechoic Special – Lucy Railton presents Kammer Klang (part 2) on Radio Halas (streaming)

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