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Lucy Railton presents Kammer Klang (Part 1)

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Lucy Railton
Lucy Railton

Second part of a live recording from the ICA's Notation and Interpretation Festival, Feb. 16-20, 2011, curated by Lucy Railton, founder of the London contemporary music series, Kammer Klang.

Recorded live: Wednesday, Feb. 16th, 2011

On this Recording:

  • Mauricio Kagel – Match for 3 players. Oliver Coates, Lucy Railton, celli; Serge Vuille, percussion
  • Aldo Clementi – Madrigale. Kerry Yong, Casio keyboard and computer
  • Christian Wolff – Exercise 15. Eloisa Fleur Thom, Benedict Taylor, Fred Thomas, Lucy Railton, Newton Armstrong. Wolff's 1973-75 open instrumentation 'Exercise' for any number of performers gives the musicians freedom to realize the given pitches in their own way. Duration, timbre, articulation, orchestration, speed and character are all open to the groups’ interpretation in an aim to create a truly social form of music.

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Anechoic Special – Lucy Railton presents Kammer Klang (part 1) on Radio Halas (streaming)

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