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Modelo62 (from the ensemble's video of the workshop of "Tonewood")

Anechoic Transmissions is proud to present ensemble Modelo62 from the Netherlands, who have since their formation in 2003 forefronted the interpretation of experimental music by emerging composers.

On this recording:

  • Angel Arranz Moreno (ES) – DK_sin_
  • Juan Sebastian Lach Lau (MX) – Rolita para modelo
  • Alexander Sigman (US) – blo(o)t [int-1 x V, [3] (version I)]
  • Ezequiel Menalled (AR) – La vida breve
  • Justin Christensen (CA) – Matter
  • Martijn Padding (NL) – Manifeste simple pour une ecriture lineaire – featuring Camille Hesketh (soprano)

Listen to the show here:

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Anechoic Special – Modelo 62 – on Radio Halas (streaming)

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