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Microtonal Music for Two Pianos, Russian Futurists and More...

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Two Pianos
Two Pianos (not from concert)

The German pianists Gertrud Schneider & Thomas Bächli perform microtonal music written for this strange and wonderful instrumentation: a traditionally tuned piano, and another that is tuned a quarter-tone sharp. Anechoic was there for the debut concerts, which took place in The Hörsaal Boxhagenerstr. 16, Berlin, on the 25th and 26th of May, 2009 and we are proud to present you with this seldom-heard music!

The music featured on this recording:

  • Ivan Vishnegradski (1893-1960) – Preludes op. 22 (ca. 1930-1960) – Nr. 3/Nr. 9/Nr. 14
  • Arthur Lourie (1893-1966) – Prelude (1914) & Syntheses (1914)
  • Ivan Vishnegradski – Dialogue a deux, op. 41 (1958-1973)
  • Nikolai Obuchov (1892-1954) – Ikone (1915) & Contemplation/Douleur/Repos
  • Ivan Vishnegradski – Integrations I & II (1967)
  • Charles Ives (1874-1954) – Three Quarter Tone Pieces (1912/13)

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Anechoic Special – Microtonal Music for Two Pianos, Russian Futurists and More – on Radio Halas (streaming)

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