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Israeli Women Composer Forum in Concert

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Maya Dunitz

A live recording of the Israeli Women Composer Forum concert given at the Teiva, Jaffa, on the 13th January, 2010. For more information about the IWCF, please visit the IWCF website:

IWCF on Facebook

On this Recording:

  • Maya Dunitz – "Exercise No. 1", for Bass Clarinet. Performer: Yonatan Hadas
  • Tali Assa – "Trill", for Piano. Performer: Dimitri Naiter
  • Yasmin Tal – "Masks", for Tape
  • Ivana Kis – "Big John Campbell's Last Song", for Guitar. Performer: Krezimir Bedek
  • Dganit Elyakim – "Implosion", for Cello and Live electronics. Performers: Dan Weinstein – Cello, Dganit Elyakim – Live electronics
  • Anat Pick – "Without title", for Voice. Performer: Anat Pick
  • Irena Svetova – "Intrada and Toccata", for Piano. Performer: Avia Doron
  • Gila Carcas – "Indigo Dreams", for Double Bass. Performer: Danny Felsteiner
  • Hagar Kadima – "Chronicle of an Erasure", for piano and tape. Performer: Irit Rov

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Anechoic Special – IWCF in Concert – on Radio Halas, Part 1 and Part 2 (streaming)

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