miscellaneous programs by Ophir Ilzetzki

Special programsAnechoic Transmissions is first and foremost a stage for any outlandish effort regardless of its genre. Be it contemporary classical music, baroque or renaissance, hip-hop, dance, jazz or even talk radio, Anechoic promotes the extreme voices, the voices that try to take a genre to its edges, or better yet, towards uncharted territory.

Ophir Ilzetzki producing
An ear
(courtesy of Brent Kirkwood; used without permission)

The Anechoic Specials are one-off programs, some of which are recorded and produced in high fidelity, some merely using a field microphone and presented raw and uncut, but all bare that special mark of having featured content that is not only extreme, but perhaps altogether impossible to find on other platforms.

The Anechoic Specials are broadcast by Radio Halas and its affiliate radio stations worldwide.

Listen to Anechoic / Pergamon – The New European Ensemble

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