Harmonium EP

Adam Weisser - Harmonium MusicAdam Weisser's debut EP offers a glimpse into a unique musical world, previously unheard, recorded or live. The unusual instrumentation alone is enough to suggest that this is no ordinary listening experience: harmonium (western), vibraphone and percussion is the primary instrumentation on the eight original tracks. The harmonium itself in contemporary western music has been overlooked for many decades. Weisser's usage and technique revive this largely neglected instrument, as it forms the backbone of his music, defying straightforward classification into genres. Influenced by jazz, classical, electronic and popular music, it transcends all of these genres to create a style of its own.

Adam Weisser
Adam Weisser and the harmonium – a bird's-eye view (photo by Brent Kirkwood)

Recently remastered, the EP includes a collection of works composed and recorded between 2006 and 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The seed for this album was planted through an intense and inspiring periodic improvisational collaboration with Icelandic drummer Jónas Sigurðsson. Several improvisations (both with Sigurðsson and solo) were recorded, transcribed, refined and finally re-recorded to yield the current work.

Of the eight pieces selected for the EP, two were part of the soundtrack for Weisser's "The Transition" (2008) and one is a remake of the intro to Weisser's "Fresh Perspicacity" (2003).

The EP is featured exclusively on Anechoic Transmissions. (Currently unavailable)

Track List:

  • Idea 1 (02:24)
  • Fresh Perspicacity (Intro) (01:35)
  • Ideas 4+5 (04:08)
  • High Expectations (02:03)
  • Intro (from The Transition) (01:19)
  • Reawakenment (02:35)
  • Combine (Idea 6) (03:20)
  • Outro (from The Transition) (01:31)
album cover

Tracks 1-3 feature Jónas Sigurðsson on the drums and on electronic drums on track 2.
Track 3 features Jody Ghani on the violin.
Track 5 features Jesper Grøtche Hansen on the bass and Nathaniel Finney on additional keyboard.
All other instruments are played by Adam Weisser.
All compositions by Adam Weisser, except for tracks 1-3 composed by Adam Weisser and Jónas Sigurðsson, and track 5 composed by Adam Weisser and Jesper Grøtche Hansen.
All tracks were produced and recorded by Adam Weisser in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2007-2008.
Mastering by Sam Jones, Precise Mastering, 2011.
Cover painting by Vivi Savitri, 'Color Pen #13', 2008, used with permission from the artist.

Harmonium: P. Andresen & Co. (Aalborg, Denmark), 15 stops, 2 knee-pedals.
Vibraphone: One-Niter Musser M45.