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An Hour 16 – Veryan Weston (Originally aired on 26.12.2010)

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Veryan Weston
Veryan Weston

Ophir Ilzetzki in an informal conversation with the English pianist, composer & improviser Veryan Weston.

The two discuss Weston’s piece Tessellations, free improvisation, his many collaborations throughout the years, and more…


  • Tessellations II for choir
  • The Harmonious Anvil – with Jon Rose (violin) and Veryan Weston (harpsichord) – from Temperament project
  • 'Voices from Somewhere'... 25 singers including BBC singers, Melanie Pappenheim, Phil Minton, Veryan Weston, Hugh Davies, Maggie Nicols, Norma Winstone, Ian Shaw, Lianne Carrol, and many others... Text by Ho Chi Minh... when he was in a Chinese prison... recorded early 1990s
  • A CD called 'Stops' with Tony Marsh (percussion) and Veryan Weston playing an organ with an old tracker action from a St Peter's church in Whitstable (Kent) – 2009
  • Moire Music
  • For You – Phil Minton (voice) & Veryan Weston (piano)
  • Blending & Bending – Trevor Watts (sax) & veryan Weston (piano)
  • Zoltán Kodaly – from Intermezzo for String Trio

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An Hour with Veryan Weston on FMA, Part 1 and Part 2 (streaming / download)

An Hour with Veryan Weston on Radio Halas and Part 2 (streaming)

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