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An Hour 14 – with Michael Parsons (Originally aired on 18.5.2010)

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Michael Parsons
Michael Parsons (photo by Tania Chen)

The second and last part of Ophir Ilzetzki's informal conversation with English composer Michael Parsons, which took place on the 5th of March, 2010, in the London home of the composer.

The music featured on the program:

  • Michael Parsons – Syzygy (New Zealand version); for 2 clarinets (dbl. bass clarinets in section 5), horn & trombone, performed by Ensemble 175 East, dir. Jim Gardiner. Auckland, NZ
  • Michael Parsons – Piano Piece December 2000 performed by the composer on piano. Studio recording, 2001
  • Michael Parsons – Piano Piece February 2001 performed by the composer on piano. Studio Recording, 2001
  • Michael Parsons – Apartment House Suite 2 performed by Apartment House (violin, cello, harp, 2 clarinets, piano, percussion). Premiere performance, Conway Hall, London, 4 June 1999
  • Michael Parsons – Piano Piece May 2003 performed by John Tilbury on piano*

* From the CD- Michael Parsons, Piano Music 1993- 2007 played by John Tilbury. Copies of this CD (including original cover design by Trevor Clarke) can be ordered through Experimental Music Catalogue:

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An Hour 14 – Michael Parsons (Part 2) on FMA (streaming / download)

An Hour 14 – Michael Parsons (Part 2) on Radio Halas (streaming)

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