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An HourAn Hour sets itself the mission to present a rare stage for modern-day composers of experimental avant-garde, whose music is seldom publicly heard.

The contemporary music scene, as highbrow as it naturally tends to be, has nevertheless become an audience targeting business. This means that composers who choose to veer away from “center stages” or prevailing “isms” in contemporary music find it more and more difficult to promote or even receive meaningful feedback for their experiments, which usually lay in wait for years, if not generations, before being credited for what they truly are – innovative.

Ophir Ilzetzki
Ophir Ilzetzki holding a lemon
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Ophir Ilzetzki, the producer and host of An Hour, is a composer of experimental music himself, and hence offers us a meaningful insider's view of this world. Not only does he try to seek out new voices worthy of a public stage, but he also manages through in-depth analysis, interview, or merely informal conversation to disclose the most meaningful aspects of the music presented, and to provide a unique insight into the thought-process of a cutting-edge composer.

An Hour is regularly broadcast on Radio Halas and syndicated through the Free Music Archive.

Listen to An Hour 18 – The Moshi Honen Mixtape

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