Dance SetsIn 2011, Adam Weisser emerged as one of the truly innovative voices in the dance music scene. His unique mixing style focused on one of the most intrinsic tasks of the DJ, namely, creating a good mix! But unlike most DJ sets available, Weisser’s own enhance the mixing of two, sometimes three and even four tracks simultaneously, and bring this element to the foreground, creating his addictive mash-up style.

Adam Weisser
Adam Weisser conceiving a mix
(Not to scale)

ADW will usually take entire dance tracks, and immediately stack-up one or more tracks on-top of it in order to create a hybrid music, ranging between mash-up and full-blown remix. If the mix is a DJ’s method of briefly moving between two tracks, ADW creates a situation in which the actual mixing plays a more prominent role throughout the set, to an extent that one cannot discern between tracks and styles anymore. These compelling sets allow for a truly inclusive approach when taking musical styles into account, and indeed in Weisser’s sets one can hear various musical styles ranging from pure dance to classical, through jazz, funk and even genres that are more eclectic.

However, and unlike many available eclectic sets, Weisser’s special mash-up technique brings the beat to the foreground at any given moment, and creates a dancing experience that has seldom been explored before and almost impossible to imagine happening in a live scenario.

Adam Weisser's sets are regularly broadcast on Radio Halas.

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