About Anechoic TransmissionsAnechoic Transmissions is a production house broadcasting radio programs, as well as publishing and distributing unique musical content worldwide.

Anechoic Transmissions dedicates itself to shedding light on cutting-edge, experimental avant-garde that usually lay in the dark for a large majority of people, if not altogether impossible to find in the crevices of the art world.

Adam Weisser
Anechoic's transmission facilities
(An artist's rendition)

Encompassing “the edges” of all musical genres, it is our utmost goal to herald-in a new stage, open to all those who do not fit the established or commercial moulds made available to them.

Our little community at Anechoic is thus trying to establish a niche that could provide opportunities for many artists feeling there is no real public podium for their work, or who feel uncomfortable, as we do, working with huge or commercial organizations, whose agenda is incompatible, questionable or completely hidden.

Even though our work at Anechoic Transmissions is music-based, we avidly prompt unmediated contact from any person or public body in which our own ethos resonates. Feel free to contact us at: