This short comedy/mockumentary follows the most crucial night of the transitionee's life, in which he undergoes the necessary transition that makes him compliant with adult life, something which is otherwise unattainable.

Adam and Douglas


"Fontandu Creations" is a crew of experts, led by Douglas Fontantu (Nathaniel Finney), a kind of modern priest, who is experienced enough to orchestrate and oversee Adam's (Adam Weisser) transition and to make sure it is smooth and complete. The whole process is suppported by Adam's closest friends, who have come to participate in and watch the occasion.


This film borrows documentary/reality tv's style to show the orchestrated effort in the "transition" tradition. When done correctly, with the right support from his close society, the transitionee swiftly moves from his 20's to his 30's overnight, without ever looking back.

* * *


Douglas Fontandu (Consultant) - Nathaniel Finney
Adam Ngumabata (Transitionee) - Adam Weisser
Lune Umbretp(Girlfriend) - Lisa Rohwedder
Wineton Chez - T. Turner

Director, Producer & Scriptwriter Adam Weisser
Cameraman & Editor - Sébastien Santurette
Writers - Nathaniel Finney, T. Turner,
Jody Ghani, Sébastien Santurette
Co-Producer - Nathaniel Finney
Title Animator - Jody Ghani
Still Photographer - Brent Kirkwood
Compositor - Tali Brettler
Sound Editor - Nathaniel Finney
Musical Director - Adam Weisser
with special contributions by Yonatan Lev & Ophir Ilzetzki

Shot on location in Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2007

A short film by Adam Weisser
Duration: 21 minutes

Anechoic Logo


Anechoic Pictures is an independent production company established in 2007 by Adam Weisser and Nathaniel Finney, in collaboration with Sébastien Santurette (editor), Jody Ghani (animator) and Brent Kirkwood (photographer). All are specialized in acoustics and at the same time have strong artistic sides. They bring together an unusual perspective on filmmaking, one that combines their backgrounds of both scientific and humanistic worldviews.

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