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Film projects produced and co-produced by Anechoic Pictures:

The Color Pens Paintings of Vivi Savitri (2012)

Klokken Tyve

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The dazzling world of colors, forms and movement in Vivian Savitri's surprising color pen paintings is exposed here alongside the music of Adam Weisser. These twenty highly original color pen works created between 2007 and 2009 are shown in growing pace as the musical piece, "Combine" for harmonium, vibraphone and drums, becomes ever more intense.

Vivi Savitri - Artwork
Adam Weisser - Music & Editing

Vivi Savitri's Pastel Paintings (2012)

A sample of Vivi Savitri's pastel painting virtuosity is showcased along the first movement of Gaspard de la nuit by Ravel. The art by Vivi Savitri spans over more than four decades of activity, which has reflected the depths of her ever-evolving journey to the inner realms of life, spirit and their unity. This short sequence represents only a fraction of the diveristy and depth of her work, previously exposed only to few.

Vivi Savitri - Artwork
Adam Weisser - Editor

One of Vivi Savitri's Pastel Painting

Open video on Youtube

Klokken Tyve / Eight O'Clock (2009)

Klokken Tyve

Monday, 8 PM. A teenage girl makes an intimidating encounter at the swimming pool. As communication remains under the surface, the degree of (dis)comfort she experiences in this weekly ritual relies heavily on this exact timing.

Louise Haumand - Girl
Peter Bjørnbak Andersen - Boy

Mas Hauman - Director & Scriptwriter
Ina Serdarevic & Mas Hauman - Producers
Sébastien Santurette - Editor
Mas Hauman - Post Sound & Music
Ina Serdarevic - Continuity

Bacheni (2009)

Inside a low-class restaurant a tense and moving encounter takes place between an undercover loser policeman and an ultra-sensitive gangster. The encounter raises existential questions on strength and weakness, on desire and its fulfillment. All this happens in a still, yet eventful, atmosphere. (14 min.)

Maor Cohen - Schwartz
Shimon Even Zur - Elmaliach
Shmil Ben Ari - Undercover Inspector (on Phone)

Sharon Israel - Director & Producer
Yaniv Shmelzer - Camera
Adam Weisser - Editior, Foley & Sound Editor

Co-produced with the Tel-Aviv University, Department of Cinema and Television. Anechoic's editing and sound related post-production was done in Denmark and Germany.


See Bacheni's poster here

The Transition (2008)


The Transition Homepage

This short film follows the most crucial night of the transitionee's life, in which he undergoes the necessary transition that makes him compliant with adult life, something which is otherwise unattainable. (21 min.)

Nathaniel Finney - Douglas Fontandu (Consultant)
Adam Weisser - Adam Ngumabata (Transitionee)
Lisa Rohwedder - Lune Umbretp (Girlfriend)
T. Turner - Wineton Chez

Adam Weisser - Director, Producer & Scriptwriter
Sébastien Santurette> - Cameraman & Editor
Nathaniel Finney, T. Turner,
Jody Ghani, Sébastien Santurette
- Writers
Jody Ghani - Title Animator
Nathaniel Finney - Sound Editor
Brent Kirkwood - Still Photographer
Adam Weisser - Original Music

Anechoic Pictures produced the Transition in Copenhagen, assited by its associates in the UK, USA and Israel.