Anechoic Pictures

Anechoic Pictures is an independent creative collective that roofs cinematic projects under the Anechoic Pictures name, as well as radio and musical ventures under Anechoic Transmissions.


Uniting people from versatile backgrounds and disciplines, Anechoic constantly expands its portfolio. The current list of projects portrays the germination of this creative movement that pushes a highly original, entertaining and meaningful expression in the fields of cinema and music.


The people behind Anechoic are of different nationalities and have grown used to the expatriate lifestyle, away from their homelands, detached from constraints and dogmas of national identity. As they are also personally mobile in their lives and occasionally move between countries, Anechoic has no single geographic base. Therefore, it enjoys a degree of freedom by unabashedly approaching projects and professionals in different countries, using their existing strong personal networks.


Originally founded in 2007 by Adam Weisser and Nathaniel Finney, Anechoic Pictures seemed like an appropriate title for the unique blend of people involved. They have all met as professional acousticians, but have more in them than mere science. Each of the individual expertise of the Anechoic staff spans over more than one area. Hence, its final output is forever unique, being influenced by many different elements of life.


In 2008 they completed their first short film, “The Transition”. It was a comprehensive effort to make the most of their available means without compromising the message, the production level, or the level of enjoyment experienced by the audience and crew during and after the project completion.

Later that year they dispersed to different sides of Europe. Ophir Ilzetzki joined with his Anechoic Transmissions offshoot.

Currently the different members of Anechoic are working on several projects in Barcelona, Berlin, Tel-Aviv and Copenhagen.



Adam Weisser – earned his formal education in physics and later moved to Denmark where he studied acoustics. The technical and scientific side often complemented a natural drive for the arts – notably films and music. He has so far followed a parallel path of maintaining both directions through independent filmmaking and music composition and production. He is currently based in Sydney, Australia, from where he facilitates Anchoic's activities.

Brent Kirkwood – holds a Ph.D. in acoustics, specializing in hearing and ecological perception. Originally trained as an electrical and acoustical engineer, his participation in Anechoic is by and large thanks to his undisputed talent as a still photographer. He has been a photographer since a young age, observing his parents at work in their professional environments. Throughout the years, he has developed an individual style that reflects a strong humanistic touch that documents his and his friends' lives in a way that goes well-beyond trivially private memoirs. He has accompanied several film projects in the past with his photography and dj'ing. Brent is currently employed in a hearing-aid firm based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jody Ghani – has a Masters degree in Acoustic Engineering and has been working in the field of psychoacoustics and audiology for several years. In 2008 she started to focus on her passion for the visual arts, first studying classical drawing and now following the BA in Character Animation in Viborg, Denmark. Her other passion is music and she plays regularly with Vektormusik and Crystal Sky Butterfly. Occasionally she records violin and harp as a studio musician.

Nathaniel Finney – (born 1978, Yokosuka, Japan) sound designer, musician, writer and filmmaker from Texas currently living in Barcelona, Spain. He is educated in acoustics and worked as a product development engineer with a hearing aid company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, designing and optimizing sound quality of new products. He is currently researching sound design methods at the Music Technology Group of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, focusing on ecological sound environments in urban spaces. Additionally, he works for the popular Spanish comic magazine El Jueves as a sound designer and musician for web cartoons.

Ophir Ilzetzki – (born 1978, Washington DC, USA) a composer by calling and teacher by vocation, Ophir is the curator of Anechoic Transmissions. Creating “An Hour”, his theme-show dedicated to avant-garde music for Radio Halas was an attempt that soon flourished. Through it he allowed for better connections in radio, which allowed for more production freedom. Trying to promote his own brand of music and realizing the difficulties, Ophir decides to promote other similar attempts in order to create a better awareness to what he believes to be the future of our sonic arts.

Sébastien Santurette – (born 1982, France) has an education in acoustics and currently pursues doctorate studies in the field of hearing. A long-time cinéphile, he added a practical component to his passion for film with a stay at the European Film College in Denmark, where he dedicated most of his time to gaining experience in film editing. Currently living in Copenhagen, his other hobbies include attempting to master reluctant pitch instruments like the theremin.

Sharon Israel – (born 1977, Kiryat Yam, Israel) has established and directed the Sharon Israel Center for Supportive Filmmaking, which specializes in therapeutic cinematic intervention, based on his self-developed method. He has a bachelor in philosophyand he is an MFA student for film directing and production in the department of films and television of the Tel-Aviv University. He has been creating short films and music videos since 2003.

Ofer Meir – (born 1978, Sharm el-Sheikh) is an award-winning self-taught filmmaker. After studying general history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, he served as an apprentice for the Dutch documentary filmmaker Paul Enkelaar. Combining the art of documentary filmmaking and commercial video production, Ofer has been producing, filming, photographing and editing in Africa, Asia and Europe. Ofer Meir is currently a freelancing filmmaker based in Israel.